Beef & Broccoli

My Endocrinologist’s office is now working with an RD in their office and my Dr. called to see if I would be interested in meeting with her next month to see if there is anything she can see that I can do differently. I jumped at the chance! My appointment is in a few weeks and when I go, I need to have my food log, blood sugars before and after each meal and my exercise logs. I should just point direct her here, right? So, I need to be even more diligent about writing everything down and keeping a log of anything and everything.

Breakfast this morning was an egg scramble with ham and mozzarella cheese. English muffin on the side.


Lunch is unpictured, but it was the last of my chicken enchiladas. Sad panda. Guess it’s time to make another batch.

Dinner was beef & broccoli served with brown rice and watermelon. This beef & broccoli was probably the best version I have ever made!


I browned the steak and then added soy sauce, water, ginger, garlic, pepper and a bit of crushed red pepper, let it come to a boil, added broccoli and then let it simmer until it was a thick sauce.


After dinner, mini me (1 & 2) headed out for a walk. On just cardio days (like today), my goal is to see how far I can go in 15 minutes and then headed back. We walked to the next neighborhood and at the 15 minute mark we were almost to the end of the street, so we went ahead and walked to the end of that street and then came back home.



I just noticed that Emma must have hijacked my phone earlier today, I’ll just leave you with a toddler selfie.


Ha. Have a great night!

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