When Did I Get So Lazy?

As I was walking laps around the playground today, I had some time to do some thinking.

Warning- long, wordy post because I’m old and don’t have pictures that weren’t digital from high school or before.

I used to be a dancer, I would dance from 4-9pm, 5 days a week. Once I stopped dancing, I went to competitive cheer. Practicing hours a day, plus competitions, plus games.

For some reason – I think it was once I became a parent. I have had it ingrained somehow (and I really don’t know where this thinking came from) that doing more than 30 minutes of a workout, was too much. Was “obsessive.” That I didn’t need it. That doing one workout a day was a big CHECK and I didn’t need to do anything else that day.

This has led me to YEARS and YEARS of sitting my butt on the couch. Doing anything even remotely active would be “enough” for the day and “earned” me the right to sit and watch TV. I hate this. And that leads me to the epiphany I had today.

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I want a healthy LIFE. I want an active life. I don’t want to use exercise as a punishment for my body. I want to get back to exercise as something I love, crave and enjoy doing! I love a long, sweaty, omg I’m gonna die workout. I used to love going for long walks, hikes, kayaking, bowling, dance parties…all of it just because. Because I hated just sitting. I want that back!!!

As a Type 2 Diabetic, it’s super important that in order to change and hopefully not need all of these medications, I have to completely overhaul the way I was living. Staying active all day long is imperative. Not just doing 1 thing and thinking “phew. done for the day.” I look at friends who will take a group class in the morning, go for a walk or run and then do yoga or another class later on that day. That’s the life I want to be living. That’s the lifestyle I crave.

I feel like this huge AHA moment happened for me today. After all these years I finally know what I want and what I want to work towards.

I have realized it’s not a number on the scale, it’s not a clothing size, it’s not about punishing my body.

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And with that- happy Friday!!!! Have a great weekend- any fun plans?!

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Sick Toddler and Bad Habits

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^^ This. But why is it so hard to actually DO?! Emma has been really sick the last few days and I have totally let myself slip into my old bad habits because of it. My workouts are non-existent- although I did get out for a walk yesterday, I have not had 1 sip of water in days…but have sucked down an immeasurable amount of Monster energy drinks. They are terrible, but the 0 sugar, 0 carb versions own my soul.

I hope I don’t jinx myself, but I think she is finally starting to feel better. These ear infections are getting harder and harder for her to get over quickly, we have a follow up appt with her Dr next week, and then we’ll be meeting with a Ped’s ENT too.


She grabbed my shorts and asked if we could go for a stroller run today. It’s currently snowing and 19 degrees…a wee bit chilly to wear those outside.

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Weekend Wrap Up


I started off Saturday morning with a cardio and weights workout concentrating on upper body. 


And then we headed to my now 9 year old’s birthday party. He invited 7 kids from his class and then we had family, so a combined party of 23 people.


Huge shout out to Cherry Hill Lanes North – this party was awesome! All I had to do was invite people and bring the cake. They provided all of the decorations, set up, clean up, pizza, salad, breadsticks and drinks for lunch and then a personalized bowling pin to take home.



Before going to an adult’s night out at Church, we had dinner with the kids and tried to do a little relaxing after a busy day! I tried the gluten free pizza from Jet’s Pizza and I was so impressed! It was SO good! It was a thin crust, nice and crispy and for the first time in years, I was able to eat pizza without feeling like a bloated disaster.


When we got home, I noticed that Emma’s cold was getting progressively worse. By the time she woke up from her nap on Sunday afternoon, she was feverish, coughing so hard she was throwing up and was really just not herself. I knew that she couldn’t make it until today to see a Dr., I suspected yet another ear infection, so we went to urgent care.  Her temp was 102, had an upper respiratory infection and just as I thought- her ears are infected. Again. This is her 4th since September. I have a feeling tubes may be in her future soon. None of my other kids have had as many ear infections as she has had, so this is really unfamiliar territory for me.

Just a few doses of the antibiotic and she is feeling a million times better just 24 hours later. She spent a lot of time snuggling today and catching up on sleep from her restless nights on Friday and Saturday night.

My plan was to do a lot of house cleaning today, but snuggles > cleaning.

Fingers crossed, we are on the road to health around here! Two of my other kids have the same cold that Emma has too.