Fitness Friday

And also the start of my weekly weigh ins. While my overall focus is not weight loss, getting off of all Diabetes meds DOES require me to lose weight, so it’s on. I started at 206 lbs, I do not have a goal weight, my only goal is to be declared “controlled by diet and exercise.”


I haven’t weighed myself in almost a month, so while it’s going in the right direction, it’s suuupppper slow.

Ok- let’s get on to Fitness Friday. This was such a hard week, my kids had two snow days and then with all sorts of stuff having to be rescheduled and not able to happen because of ice, I totally put myself on the back burner and only had 3 workouts this week.

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Saturday- I honestly can’t remember which workout I did and I didn’t write the name down.


Tuesday – Upper and Lower Body Sculpt. SOOOO many squats and lunges!


Wednesday – Body Max


Total Exercise Minutes – 172

Total Calories Burned – 1,169

Not a terrible week, but could have been better. I’m also going to start adding in plank a days again, 4 kids and 4 c-sections…my poor core is shot.

How to Start on a Health Journey

For the last several years, I have been a habitual starter. All gung ho on day 1 and then within two weeks, everything fizzled, my motivation was gone and it would be weeks or even months before the cycle started again. But, in early December at my latest Endocrinologist appt, everything changed and I have been making small, but permanent changes to my every day routines and I am finally starting to see a difference.

As a Diabetic, and an insulin resistant one at that, I inject insulin two times a day, for those that do not know, insulin is a fat storing hormone, which makes it incredibly difficult to lose weight. My scale may not budge much, but the internal changes are happening! Two months ago, my fasting blood sugar numbers were between 130-150 and as of the last week or so, I’m waking up with fasting numbers ranging from 90-100.


1. Find your tribe. Last year, I joined a fit squad on Facebook (contact Becky from Olives ‘n Wine for more information). Posting my workouts there keeps me motivated and I also post daily on Instagram. Are we IG friends? You can follow me HERE

2. Find workouts you WANT to do! This is huge, if you are dreading your workouts, you won’t want to do them!


I use and there are currently over 300 different workouts to do and if you also buy Cathe Live (it’s $19.99 a month for everything), you have access to a live workout every Thursday morning, which is then recorded and you can view it at any time. This is the best $20 I spend on myself every month. 100% worth it!

3. Get moving! I used to be a Fitbit girl, but after many,many technical issues, I switched to the Garmin Forerunner last June. I love that it tracks my all day activity, is a step tracker, and also a GPS for when we do venture out for walks. This also gives me a daily step goal to hit every day and I don’t go to bed until I hit that number.

4. Drink enough water to drown a fish. Even when my food choices aren’t the best and I’m otherwise feeling blah, I make sure that I get enough water in every day. It really does make a huge difference!

5. Let go of perfection. The one thing that used to bring me down was “messing up” and splurging and then thinking that I would have to wait to get back on track. I now know that food is not good or bad, it’s just food. I don’t restrict foods, but as a Diabetic, I definitely have to moderate carb-heavy foods. That being said, if I know we’re going out for pizza or mexican (my favorite!), I will make sure to have less carby foods through out the day so I don’t completely kill my blood sugar levels for the day.

That’s it. Five simple steps to get you started on your own health journey!!

Family Fun Night Ideas #1 {Air Time}

Now that are entering a new chapter of parenting that includes no more babies- and our youngest is almost 3, we are starting to do more things as a family for fun! Our kids are 14, 12, 8 and 2, so trying to find something that ALL of them enjoy presents a challenge at times! As we were out last night, I realized that other families might be facing similar challenges and a blog series was born.

Family Night IdeasAir Time

* I love that I was able to not only fill out and submit all of the waivers before we went, I was also able to reserve a jump time and buy all of our tickets before we went as well. When we arrived, they scanned my ticket, gave them each a wristband and were all set to jump.


* We were there with our 4 kids and my oldest daughter’s two friends for her birthday, and everyone had a fantastic time!


* There is a separate toddler trampoline area for the toddlers – which was excellent because Emma was really nervous at first with all of the people and millions of trampolines in the main area.


* The main part is wall to wall trampolines.



This is where they all spent most of their time!

* When you buy your tickets, you can buy for either 1 hour or 2. One hour is the perfect amount of time! They were all so exhausted and worn out by the end of the hour, none of them would have lasted another hour of jumping.


* In other areas they have a dodgeball zone and basketball hoops.

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Related image

* And another favorite of last night- foam pits!



Thank you Air Time – Troy, we all had a great time last night and can’t wait to visit again!