…and I’m back in the game

Almost two weeks of the husband being in Germany, two kids and myself down with the stomach flu…not cool. But today, all was back to normal and I’m feeling back in the game and on the right track again!


Breakfast: ice, frozen banana, chocolate protein powder, coconut milk all blended to icy perfection.

My workout today was quick, but dirty and intense. Turbo Fire’s HIIT 20


Before going out to run some errands, I had a quick snack of yogurt and sliced strawberries. I’m not sure who ate more though, myself or the berry stealing toddler of mine!


Not that I can blame her, this was a winning combo of flavors!


By the time we got home, it was lunch time and we were both starving. A month ago, I would have stopped and bought something from a drive thru, but I knew that putting lunch together at home would take less than 5 minutes to make and taste so much better than anything from a drive thru.


Paired with a giant pile of carrots.


Monday afternoons get really busy, we went to pick up the kids, came home for a few minutes and then took the 10 year old to dance, waited, came home and made dinner. While we were on our way to dance, I inhaled these hardboiled eggs to keep the hunger at bay.


Dinner was a BLT that I made into another wrap (no picture, someone who shall remain nameless was throwing a tantrum because the baby gate was in her way). And with that, I’m off for the night!

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