All I Need Now is Exercise

Every night I tell myself I’m going to wake up early, work out, shower and have it done. And then without a doubt, Emma is up a few times or she’s only up once or twice, but I can’t fall asleep after, so I’m up all night long. I know that if I can make that happen, my days will go a lot smoother, my blood sugars will behave and I won’t be so exhausted. It’s just the making myself do it that I’m having the issue with.

Ah, Yoda…you’re so wise.

{Breakfast} – 2 eggs, they were supposed to be dippy, but if you’ve ever cooked with an 8 month old, you know things don’t always turn out as you planned.

{Lunch}- Romaine lettuce base topped with pea pods, celery, sharp cheddar, tuna and italian dressing.

and a clementine

{Dinner} The rest of the turkey from last night, cheesy potatoes and green beans

And now I’m off to watch some Christmas movies with the family. Have a great night!

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  1. Melanie says:

    I totally relate to your “wake up early, exercise and get it done first thing” thing. I always want to do that, but it rarely happens! I love all of your yummy food ideas!

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