5 Years

Even after the darkest of nights, the sun will always rise.


As I saw this gorgeous sunrise this morning, I realized how much things have changed. 5 years ago today my life changed forever. It was just a few hours ago on that horrible day that two detectives sat us down and confirmed our worst fears. Dad was gone. Worry about where he was that day quickly turned to sorrow as we tried to process what in the world could have happened.

My Sister and I with Dad at my youngest brother’s wedding, about 8 months prior to his passing. If I would have known that picture was the last with the 3 of us, I would have taken 1000 more that weekend.

In the years that have followed his death, I can finally, honestly say that I have worked my way through all of the stages grieving and I am now in the acceptance phase. While there are no words to express how much I miss him, I’m no longer in physical pain thinking about him. I can look at pictures and remember the happier times instead of remembering only what happened to him on the day that he died.

My sister has been here the last few days visiting from CA and it was so nice having her here today for us to distract ourselves. We went to the cemetery this morning and then most of the family got together for dinner tonight.

Someone sent me this poem shortly after he died and it was perfect and I still love it.

May you continue resting in peace, Dad. We love you.

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