3 Months

In December at my last Dr appointment, we discussed goals and ways to achieve said goals. My main goal is to decrease or not need the insulin at all and if that can’t be avoided, drop one of my other medications. While this journey of mine isn’t all about weight loss, losing the weight is a huge part in getting off these medications. My next appointment is 3 months away from today. My goal is to get under 180 pounds. That is about 15 pounds, I feel like that is 100% realistic, I just need to put in the work and stay consistent.

Part 1 of my plan will start next Monday. I mentioned in my last post that I joined AdvoCare as an Independent Distributor. One of the main products that AdvoCare is known for is the 24 Day Challenge.  I am patiently waiting for my package to arrive so I can get started ASAP! There is a big group challenge that is starting on either April 3rd or 10th and if you want to jumpstart your own weight loss or break through a plateau, this will do it!


It can be ordered HERE.

Part 2 of my plan is to continue to keep moving, keep making better food choices and just take it one day and one meal at a time.

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  1. Lauren @ Lauren Runs says:

    Congrats for setting action steps to your goals! And I agree — while the end goal is health, an interim goal to help measure progress does seem reasonable to be weight loss. You’ve got a solid plan — stick to the challenge and a solid strategy after 24 days, and move a little more! You go girl!

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