2 Dates, 1 Day

With 4 kids, getting out for a date night alone happens very rarely, in fact, our last one was before Emma was born (and she turned 1 in April…). The plan for this weekend is to get as much drywalling done on the house addition as possible and somehow, we managed to send 1 kid away on a sleepover and two kids away at my brother’s house which left us with Emma today and we took advantage and had a date lunch and date dinner…toddler included.

But before all of that happened, I woke up early this morning and got in a fantastic workout. Turbo Fire: 45EZ. Not sure why the EZ is there, because as usual, I looked like a drowned rat when it was all said and done.



For lunch, we went to Ruby Tuesday- I had my eyes set on that salad bar. It’s my reason for picking that restaurant 90% of the time. I am not a big salad eater at home, but a restaurant or even a grocery store with a salad bar, yes, please.


and then I had the Baja Chicken Tacos which were also fantastic. The sauteed onions and peppers combined with salsa, chicken and feta cheese. Perfection. I want to re-create these at home one night.


For dinner, we went to a local place, Union Woodshop. It used to be this little known restaurant until it was featured on a show on Food Network and ever since, if you don’t get there when they open, be ready for at least a 2 hour wait. Since it is a holiday weekend, we were in luck, not only did we get seated without a wait at all, but we got one of the highly coveted outside tables.




We started off with an order of Woodsticks. Woodfired breadsticks served with the world’s greatest garlic cheese dip.


And for dinner we went with the Roasted Potato pizza.


Redskin potatoes,  smoked cheddar, cheese blend, shiitake bacon, sour cream, chives, garlic butter sauce.


Someone needs to roll me to bed, but first point me in the direction of a gallon of water and more salad. We don’t eat out often, but when we do, it’s go big or go home. Eating that way keeps me feeling in control of food instead of food controlling me. I eat clean at home and splurge at restaurants. If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.


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